Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pyramid Cheese Cake

Thanks to my sister Angela, this cake has been our family's favourite for years now. It's easy to make and this cheese cake does not need to be baked.Just simply put it in the fridge overnight. Here is the recipe:

250 g Philadelphia cream cheese
125 g buttercup (don't use other butter, this butter suits the cheese well)- room temperature
2 small cans of Nestle Reduced Cream
1 cup of sugar
2 packets of marie biscuits (use the small types,preferably the Cap Ayam Biskut Marie)
3 tbsps sweetened condensed milk, mix with 1 glass of warm water

1. Cream the cheese and butter together. Mix well. (use mixer)
2. Add in sugar, beat well.
3. Next, add in the reduced cream and beat until creamy. Set aside.
4. Get your baking pan, cover with aluminium foil. (so it will be easy for you to lift the cake later)
5. First layer, around 2 -3 scoops of the cream cheese mixture.
6. Then, dip the marie biscuits in the warm milk (not too long) and arrange them on top of the first layer. For the next layer, cover the biscuits with cream cheese mixture( not too thick).
7. Keep continuing to layer the mixture and the biscuits (don't forget to dip the biscuits).
8. Cover and chill it overnight.

It really tastes good if you eat it when it's cold.
Don't forget to try making this cake for Aidilfitri. Enjoy!

To all my muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!


  1. i have make this cake before but another method .. this one i would like to try !! ^_^

  2. did u bake it or how? share..share..I love cheese cake!